​​Project Management Assistant


Job Overview

We are looking for candidates who possess project management skills, knowledge in website development & operation, and interest in IT business.
The Web Project Management Assistant (Web Director) is responsible for strategic planning, development, execution and implementation related to the company’s websites. Web Project Management Assistant (Web Director) utilizes their knowledge of web technologies, techniques and best practices to help position a company’s websites for the future.
For this position, you will bring the needs of the client together with your creation partners (designers, writers, developers, etc.), manage progress and control quality.

What this position offers:

Because you will be negotiating with various people, you will build your communications skills and achieve a sense of accomplishment when your team completes a project. As you will be building and managing international websites, you will gain a global understanding of IT business and can look forward to being a necessary asset for any company in the future.

This position is open to:​


Working Days: Monday ~ Friday
Working Hours: 8:00 – 17:00
Number of hiring position: 3

Job Description

Job Requirements

What We Can Offer


  • Learning opportunities and gain experience in a growing IT business

  • Gain experience in providing service to Japanese companies and other overseas clients

  • Acquire solid business operation skill and knowledge in an international working environment

  • Overtime payment

  • Bonus

  • Internet Allowance


  • Work from Home for a period of time
    ( Due to Covid-19 )

  • International working environment

  • Close on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday


  • Learn new skills on the job

  • Promotion potential

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